In the Spotlight

Dr. Elena M. Rivera’s expertise in dream interpretation and symbolism has garnered significant media attention. She has been featured on numerous platforms, sharing her insights and knowledge with a broad audience. Below are some highlights of her media appearances.

Good Morning America

Dr. Rivera discussed the significance of dreams and how understanding them can lead to personal growth and healing. She provided practical tips for viewers to start interpreting their own dreams.

Ted Talks

In her engaging TED Talk, Dr. Rivera explored the role of cultural symbolism in our dreams and how ancient myths can offer valuable insights into our modern lives.

The New York Times

Dr. Rivera was interviewed for an in-depth article on the resurgence of interest in dream analysis and its relevance in contemporary psychology and self-help practices.

Podcast: The Psychology Hour

During her guest appearance, Dr. Rivera delved into the intricacies of Jungian dream analysis and shared case studies that highlighted the transformative power of understanding our dreams.

National Geographic

Dr. Rivera contributed to a documentary exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, focusing on how dreams reflect and influence our waking reality.

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