Explore the World of Dreams and Symbolism

At SpiritualMojo.com, we are proud to present a collection of books and publications authored by Dr. Elena M. Rivera. These works delve into the fascinating realms of dream interpretation, cultural symbolism, and the human psyche, offering readers profound insights and practical guidance.

Featured Books

The Language of Dreams: Decoding Your Subconscious

Discover the art of dream interpretation with Dr. Rivera’s comprehensive guide. This book offers tools and techniques to help you understand the symbolic language of your dreams and apply these insights to your waking life.

Symbols in Mythology: Connecting Ancient Wisdom to Modern Life

Explore the rich tapestry of mythological symbols across cultures and their relevance in today’s world. Dr. Rivera provides a detailed analysis of common symbols and their meanings, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding.

Jungian Dream Analysis: A Journey into the Unconscious

This book delves into the principles of Jungian psychology, focusing on the interpretation of dreams through the lens of Carl Jung’s theories. Dr. Rivera guides readers on a journey to uncover the hidden messages within their dreams.

Academic Publications

Dr. Rivera’s contributions to the field of dream analysis and symbolism are also reflected in her numerous academic publications. These scholarly articles provide in-depth research and analysis, advancing the understanding of dreams and their impact on the human experience.